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Search for electronic components using for FREE. There is no sign up giving you instant access to up to date stock levels from distributors like Digi-key,Farnell,Arrow,Avent etc.. You can also view major independent suppliers inventory giving you instant information for each part number you enter into the site.
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Those Pesky Bills of Materials

Here at we understand that having to plough through hundreds of lines in a Bill Of Materials can be both time consuming and a headache but we aim to take that burden off you with the new release of the BoM Machine!

You can find out more from our wordpress page @ BoM Machine but to keep it real we want to give you a little something to get those taste buds tingling.

If you source electronic components and you get given those large BoM’s to work on then you’ll know exactly what we mean. You’ll find that this online tool is quick and easy to use and leaves you with more time on your hands.

All you need to do is upload your bills of materials to us, we process it for you and match it with 4 of the worlds largest franchised distributors. An email will be sent to you once it is ready and all you do then is click the link provided. After that you are given a fully comprehensive list of all parts available along with live pricing. Not just that but if you have a vast amount of lines there is a built in calculator that sums up the values so you don’t have to. There is currency conversion within this to calculate in USD, GBP and euro and once you are ready you can select the lines you want and place them directly into the franchised distributors add-to-cart (online) and purchase them there and then. It couldn’t be easier!

The 4 franchised distributors listed in the BoM Machine at the moment are:

– Avnet Express
– Future Electronics
– Farnell
– Newark

We are updating this as we go along as there is alot of interest in this at the moment so we will let you know how it goes.

What’s the catch i hear you say…

None! The service is completely free with no login required!

Give it a go and let us know what you think. Visit the BoM Machine @ BoM Machine

What’s happening in the electronic world

Electronics Distributors Online

DigiKey recently dropped their catalogue in favour of on-line sales. This is typical of the developments in the electronics distribution industry. All the major franchised distributors are trying to give the buyer all the tools they need in one easy to use website, even helping them to approve components at the design stage using sites like element14.
Buyers also want and expect more; they want live stock levels, pricing, packaging information like reel sizes etc.

OEMsecrets have listened to the major distributors and thousands of buyers from large OEM’s across the globe, and have developed a price comparison website where users can see millions of lines of inventory from all the major distributors with up to date stock levels, pricing etc. OEMsecrets is still developing the site further so the user will eventually be able to tailor the site to suit their specific requirements. Users will be able to send multiple requests to several distributors with just a few simple clicks. They will also be able to price thousands of items in just a few minutes using the BOM Machine, a tool that enables the user to upload their list of items. It then checks the items with the major distributors and returns the results with pricing and stock levels. The user can even price up the whole BOM in one currency even though the distributors may be in other countries.

Recently OEMsecrets have removed the log in and made the site 100% FREE for anyone to use. OEMserets have also split the search results screen so it displays both the franchised and non-franchised inventory separately. There are no distributors in China listed on the website. All inventory is in-stock only, no available stock is advertised on the website.
OEMsecrets is one of the fastest growing component sourcing websites online, with over 15 million line items of electronic components listed on the website. OEMsecrets lists global inventory feeds from the likes of DigiKey, Avnet, Arrow, Farnell, Future, Newark, Online Components etc and posts in-stock inventory from a number of independent distributors. OEMsecrets therefore caters for all active, passive, electro-mechanical and obsolete component requirements.

It’s OEMsecrets’ intention to give the user all the information they may possibly need on one free and easy to use website in order to find and buy electronic components: Our Website @ or about us @ About Us