Avnet Silica’s Renesas Visible things Industrial Starter Kit Giveaway

Avnet Silica’s fully integrated IoT Platform is your complete solution from edge to enterprise

Simplify and secure your IoT solution with Avnet Silica’s complete evaluation and reference platform, Visible Things. It connects smart devices right to the cloud and enterprise software, and supports an ever increasing range of sensor, connectivity, gateway and security technologies. Together with Avnet Silica’s cloud, analytics, mobile and enterprise integration services, it’s a complete solution from edge to enterprise – so relax.

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Avnet Silica’s Visible Things Industrial Starter Kit provides a turnkey solution based on the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, that allows you to start designing at the API level and is equipped to handle an outstanding range of connectivity tasks.

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Visible Things – Key Features

Sensor to server security layer on top of network security
Quick evaluation of end application
Highest degree of flexibility
Reduces development time significantly – time saving
Optimised power consumption
Cloud ready

Renesas Synergy™ Platform – Key Elements

Qualified commercial-grade software with a common API
Scalable and compatible ARM Cortex-M based microcontrollers
Intuitive professional development tools and kits
Time-saving end-to-end solutions
Click-through licensing plus a collection of specialized add-on software

TI Interface Products & Isolation Solutions

Texas Instruments offers a broad face of interface products delivering efficient, robust and reliable communication. 

IO-Link transceivers with integrated protection in a tiny package    

The TIOL111 transceiver implements the IO-Link interface for industrial bidirectional, point-to-point communication. When connected to an IO-Link master through a three-wire interface, the master can initiate communication and exchange data with the remote node while the TIOL111 acts as a complete physical layer for the communication.

Digital Sensor Output Driver With Integrated Surge Protection

TIOS101 is configurable as a high-side, low-side or push-pull driver and is capable of withstanding up to 1.2 kV (500 Ω) of IEC 61000-4-5 surge, featuring integrated reverse polarity protection. A simple pin-programmable interface allows easy interfacing to the controller circuits.

Multiple Switch Detection Interface for industrial applications

The TIC12400 Multiple Switch Detection Interface (MSDI) switch and sensor monitor directly monitors and provides built-in diagnostics for 24 channel inputs. The device’s polling sequence architecture reduces the processor active time, significantly cutting system power usage in industrial applications.

Meet the Highest Efficiency Reinforced Isolator with DC/DC Power

With the industry’s most efficient power transfer, lowest radiated emissions and highest immunity, the ISOW7841 reinforced digital isolator helps support reliable operation of industrial systems. The device offers integrated isolated power and data up to 100 Mbps. Higher power delivery and longer system lifetime are enabled through 80% higher efficiency compared to other integrated solutions.

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Latest Power Management ICs from Ricoh


Ricoh have introduced new power management ICs to their latest product selection.

RP604 300 mA Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter for IoT applications

This product is in particular suitable in case a supply voltage is required which is somewhere in between the voltage level of a fully charged and fully discharged battery. At a certain moment the DC/DC Converter needs to switch over from Buck to Boost mode automatically. The RP604 is designed for IoT applications which are mainly in a sleep mode and wake-up periodically to perform a measurement, transmit some data and resume to sleep mode again. For such kind of applications, the current consumption in sleep mode should be kept as low as possible. The RP604 consumes only 0.3 µA and has a peak efficiency of 90% at 0.1 mA output current.

RP511 100mA Buck DC/DC converter for IoT applications 

The RP511 is a VFM buck DC/DC Converters with synchronous rectification which can be powered from a coin cell to a USB port. The smallest solution requires only 8.0 mm2 PCB area including three external components. Therefore, this product is highly suitable for small wearable applications such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, RF modules, sensor devices etc. Current consumption is only 0.3 µA and peak efficiency is at 95% at 0.1 mA.

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