TI Designs, Datasheets and Companion Products on OEMsecrets


Buyers on OEMsecrets.com can now view datasheets, request samples, search reference designs and buy companion products direct from Texas Instruments on the site. We’re looking to integrate more technical information into the search results from manufacturers and we’ll launch an updated version of the site in a few days.

The companion products filter shows alternative or similar parts offered by TI, if for example stock availability is low or a product is on a lead time. 

TI are now also including 2700+ reference designs in the authorised search results. By clicking on TI reference designs, buyers are able to view the associated TIDesigns relating to the part searched. Use OPA333AIDBVR as an example. 

TI’s technical information is also available via our API. We’ll let you know as soon as the new search results layout is live and look forward to hearing your feedback. 


Electronics Distributors Pricing and Inventory Add-In

OEMsecrets.com, the price comparison website for electronic components, has recently launched their API which gives purchasing departments’ access to pricing and inventory information from authorised electronics distributors and manufacturers.

The OEMsecrets API can be integrated into a company’s internal system, CRM software or database and helps purchasers to quickly find the best price and compare distributor inventory data. Datasheets, images, reference designs and much more technical information are also available. The API can be requested from any location, however approval is required for security. Once approved, users can gain access using the OEMsecrets API key and begin calling up-to-date pricing and inventory data from distributors.

API release

Buyers can compare pricing and inventory availability from distributors such as Mouser, Avnet, Digikey, Arrow, Farnell etc to find the best price for the product in the market. The API is open to OEM’s, CM’s, manufacturers, distributors and professionals looking for a broad line-by-line part comparison.

To find out more information or to register, visit https://www.oemsecrets.com/api.php

Sam Cowley



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